Carbon Grey

Carbon Grey

Mothers of Revolution Volume 3 #2C

Katherine Park honored as cover model for Image Comic's series Carbon Grey, appearing in a special wrap around cover on Mothers of Revolution.

Carbon Grey (2013 Image) Volume 3 #2C

Written by Paul Gardner, Hoang Nguyen. Art by Khari Evans.

Cover photograph by Eiji Shinojima.

MOTHERS OF REVOLUTION: The war, which not long ago was everything, now seems insignificant in the face of the unimaginable destructive power of the stone. But there is still hope, for even as the world unravels, mortal enemies unite and the true meaning of Gottfaust's prophecy is revealed in this, the double-length finale to our EPIC saga.

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Special Thanks to: Make Up Artist Tiff Chou, Lee Hair Story:143 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA USA