FCC Free Radio

Katherine Park performs live on FCC Free Radio's show 'What's Happening' with Luke "Walgreens" Sauer.

December 9, 2018

Short Teaser of Katherine Park singing a live, solo, acoustic voice/keyes version of Searching for a Freedom, a song she wrote with her new band - members  Bryan Aguirre, Tadashi Mori, Kevin Morrison. Please click the full screen view. 


we fell in lovew in the shadows
a searchlight follows you
colors they bleed so fast
i lay down to rest on the open grass
i could fall out of the sky
you look like him in the subtle light
coulds, they go by like dreams
feel like i found a long lost melody
searching for a freedom
dum, dum, dum, dadadum, dadadum
a silence descends on the ground
everyone stops for a while
and i can't recall their names
but their faces will haunt me 
till my dying day after day after day
the road it feels like a home
so i say a little poem
try to revive my tired and empty bones
searching for a freedom
dum, dum, dum, dadadum, dadadum

This two hour show begins with 10 minutes of holiday music, followed by an interview with rapper Shanese Campbell and singer Katherine Park sang three songs, followed by more conversation with model and fitness expert Shannon Miles, and radio personality Stella tatola.

Listen to the full approx. two hour show archived at this link here 12/09/2018:  http://www.fccfreeradio.com/whats-really-happening-105/?fbclid=IwAR2A-y92VXWzNTsvuu7coBGOGa0yUenH6oAhxjaoizX2AnFNM-I3ubQ9kOk