Send Katherine Your Script

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Congratulations! You have written a feature length motion picture script, or short film, a play, musical, or tv pilot and it has a starring role that you'd like to send my way for consideration, it humbles me beyond belief that you would consider me as part of your vision. I put my soul into every endevour and I hope that what we do resonates with others and keeps the fires burning for art.

Yes, in short I'd love to read it and possibly work together! Wait, wait, though - before you send it to me here, or via linkedin, via email, facebook, backpage, or other channel, if you aren't someone I've worked with before - please read the following:

I always take into consideration works that pass the Bechdel test, bonus points for works by women, world premieres of new works, works with diversity, artistic excellence and integrity, and I seek out good-hearted people to work with, starring roles, roles that dig deep, and speak directly to my heart and our shared imperfect, beautiful and gritty humanity. 

Please send me your contact info and a little about you and your story, and why you think I'd be a good fit.

I'm looking forward to reading what you have! Please do not send any stereotypical roles, or procede with caution as I will always either decline roles that do not align with my brand as an artist, or strongly suggest one of my rockstar writer friends for a heavyweight re-write. 

Please also feel free to request an audition tape or invite me to audition in person. I'm based in California in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Send, send, send! Can't wait to read it. 

Love, Katherine Park