The Noise

The Noise

The Jumblies

Catch It If You Can 4-song CD.

Inescapably appealing, The Jumblies wear their hearts on their sleeves with their love of 80s and 90s Brit pop. “No Silence” is reminiscent of soul influenced 80s British bands like Spandeau Ballet. Elisabeth Bell’s keyboards and Clara Kebabian’s violin have just the right balance. Singer Katherine Park Deakin’s voice reminds me of the Coors sisters with its warmth and melancholy. The EP’s centerpiece “Catch It If You Can” brings to mind New Order with guitarist Mark Heng on vocals. Using polyphonic Spree-like harmonies, the song is exhilaratingly triumphant. Most importantly it rocks out and there’s a cheeky nod to The Rolling Stones song “Sympathy for the Devil” with its “oohoohs” at the end. You may have heard The Jumblies before; this is a fairly new line-up for them, and the excitement of the new shows with this EP.

(Leah Callahan)

Callahan, Leah. “Catch It If You Can 4-song CD.” The Noise 1 May 2005. Print.