The Ugly Couch

The Jumblies

Tell me what you think about The Jumblies. The disco lightshow and projection screen psychedelia of their stage set-up alone qualify them for repeated viewings, to say nothing of their ethereal, hook infected Dream Pop. According to their website, audiences are subjected to “Experimental noise, psychoactive textures, hypnotherapy techniques, traditional songwriting, and surreal nonsense.” According to me, their atmospheric shoegaze sounds like the yearnings of your loneliest night in some imaginary, 80′s High School nostalgia movie (You know, one of those that features Kevin Bacon as ‘the rebel’; No, not “The Woodsman”. Yikes…)

Vocalist Katherine Deakin’s long, drifting melodies float over thick synth-pads and mascara ruining electric violin romanticism from Clara Kebabian (formerly of Steve Morse association) are enough to bring out that teenaged sehnsucht all over again. The Jumblies have been doing pretty well for themselves, in a gritty, underground scenester kind of way, getting “darlings of local scene” type press all over the place, many radio show appearances on the college rock stations and all that jazz.

If it were up to the bicycle messengers and American Apparel devotees, The Jumblies would be freakin’ ‘it’. So, pull up those turquoise knee socks and drive your busted-up black camero on over to or, and get your happy feet on! (okay, so I don’t know what that means… .)

(James Therrien)

Therrien, James. “The Jumblies.” The Ugly Couch 26 February 2006. Web.